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Joint Research Unit 1095 Genetics, Diversity and Ecophysiology of Cereals


Structure and Evolution of the Wheat Genome


The objectives of the team SEVEN are:

  • To study the organisation and evolution of the wheat genome in order to better understand the relationships between genome structure, epigenome, gene expression, and evolutionary dynamics
  • To develop new genomic tools for wheat improvement

Our scientific project is based on the production of unique genomic resources of main interest for the community:

  • Reference sequence of chromosome 3B published in 2014 (Choulet et al. Science 2014)
  • Reference sequence of chromosomes 1B and 4B under production at Genoscope (FranceGenomique project WheatSeq)
  • Resequencing data of chromosome 3B from different wheat varieties and from other Triticeae species
  • Draftsequence assemblies of the 21 chromosomes produced in the framework of the IWGSC (IWGSC Science 2014)
  • SNP markers covering the entire hexaploid genome
  • Bioinformatics tools and database for sequence and data analyses

Research activities:

1. Sequencing the wheat genome

Aim: Producing a reference sequence of the bread wheat genome
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2. Gene space analyses

Objective : Deciphering the organization and evolution of the gene space, and the relationships between genome structure and expression
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3. Evolutionary dynamics of transposable elements

Aim: Understanding the impact of TEs on the wheat genome dynamics
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4. Wheat Epigenomics

Objective : Characterizing and understanding the role of epigenetic marks in the regulation of gene expression in wheat
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5. Development of genomic tools for breeding

Objective: Developing molecular markers and new tools for high-throughput genotyping
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