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Joint Research Unit 1095 Genetics, Diversity and Ecophysiology of Cereals

Environmental and genetic variability of wheat nutritional value

Genetic and Environmental Determinants of Wheat Nutritional Density

Couche aleurone

The Nutripan project is aimed at optimising the nutritional quality of type 80 bread through study of bread making technologies impacts. This collaborative project gathering 10 laboratories from public and private sector will develop researches on different topics such as genetic and environmental influences on type 80 flour, its composition and properties as well as its adaptation through bread making technologies to obtain the high nutritional bread.
A more comprehensive study of micronutrients (micro elements, vitamins, metabolites) present in whole grain or in some peripheral grain layers will be carried out thanks to a collaborative project between VetAgroSup, INRA GDEC and the Metabolism Exploration Platform of Inra Clermont Ferrand. Using genome mapped cultivars from a large wheat collection and cultivars grown in different environments, the metabolomic approach will make possible genetic and environmental influences to be deciphered for numerous micronutrients. A Ph.D 2011-2013, Coll. A Piquet VetAgroSup was recruited for that purpose.

Proteomic analysis of peripheral tissues associated to with grain nutritional density (aleurone layer, cross cell and tube cells) will be carried during grain development. This approach will provide useful bases for genetic analysis of nutritional density but also for morphological changes during grain development (Coll ABC team) and for future analyses of peripheral layer responses to fungi attack.(Coll MDC team).