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Joint Research Unit 1095 Genetics, Diversity and Ecophysiology of Cereals

Genetic Diversity and Selection

Context and Objectives

The plans for this team aim to "open the black box of diversity" in order to enhance the efficiency of selection so that varieties with a high economic and ecological performance can be proposed. Indeed, it is crucial to world food supplies, and to the competitiveness of French production, to increase yields in a context of more unfavourable climate change, while at the same time maintaining end-use value in sustainable production systems. To achieve this, it is essential to mobilise all the genetic resources that are still generally under-exploited, and to adapt or develop selection methods that will accelerate genetic progress. The plans comprise three themes: the first aims to broaden genetix diversity through inter-species crossings. The second theme aims to develop methodologies specific to exploring this diversity and its related characterisation data with a view to a genomic selection program. And the ultimate objective is being to integrate these results in real-size applied programmes for the breeding of new varieties.

Research activities

1. Broadening of diversity through interspecies crosses and pre-breeding programmes

Gilles Charmet (coordinator), E. Belmonte, A. Bouguennec, J. Bordes, I. Gateau, P. Joly, J. Magnaudet, MR. Perretant
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2. Development of methodologies for genomic selection

Gilles Charmet (coordinator), S. Bouchet, D. Ly, A. Zidi
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3. Wheat breeding program

François-Xavier Oury, N. Bernard, F. Lagoutte
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