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Joint Research Unit 1095 Genetics, Diversity and Ecophysiology of Cereals

Crops under controlled conditions


Serre One of the experimental platforms available to the Genetics Diversity and Ecophysiology of Cereals Joint Research Unit is made up of the greenhouses and growing rooms on the Crouël campus.

The experimental platform uses sizable facilities for its different missions. It consists of 1,850 m2 (19,913 ft2) of glass greenhouses, 900 m2 (9,688 ft2) of plastic tunnels, 25 lighted, climate-controlled rooms (tempered and frost-free) for plant growth and observation.

Further, the facilities include two temperature and humidity controlled cold rooms for the long term conservation of genetic resources.

Onsite growing rooms dedicated to Quarantined and Genetically Modified Organisms are accredited by the plant protection services.

The entire platform is automated by computerized inventory, climatic data recording and sensors (hygrometers, light meters, thermometers, weather station) to guarantee the reliability of the experimental facilities.

Quality is controlled using remote management and maintenance to control, monitor and anticipate dysfunctions and to maximize response

Dans le cadre de la démarche qualité, une gestion déportée (télé maintenance) permet de contrôler, de suivre, d'anticiper les dysfonctionnements et d'avoir un niveau de réactivité maximal.

Main activities

Amblyseius cucumeris

Sanitary Procedure on the Experimental Platform Level

BIP (Biological Integrated Protection/PBI or Protection Biologique Intégrée) is used on small-grain cereals, such as wheat. Amblyseius cucumeris is used against Thrips. Sulfur lamps are used against cereal oidium. For the treatment of greenhouse surfaces, the usual choice has been a vapor generator which limits crop re-implantation periods.


Experimental and Technical Process Formalization: the Unit’s Quality Process

Formalized procedures for greenhouse and climate-controlled room growth and monitoring (recording climatic data, generation of experimentation charts) have been established and are applied within the framework of the unit’s quality assurance process.

Logiciel de contrôle

Development and Optimization of Experimental Tools in Step with the Unit’s Growth and Demands

Specific experimental facility monitoring software with climatic-condition control, data recording and remote management.